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We offer expert assistance to FinTech startups and other organizations with building stellar IT governance, risk, compliance (GRC), information security, and service management programs at a pace that does not impede their rapid progress or drain their resources. We help to manage and drive information security and compliance audit conversations between our clients and their regulators, banks, and other service partners.

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Aleksandr is a senior information security professional. He excelled at every task I assigned to him including review and further development of the bank's information security program, policies, and procedures; creation and tuning of benchmark-based system configuration baselines; and providing assistance to the more junior members of my team. I enjoyed working with Aleksandr and am happy to endorse him!

Max Tumarinson,  CISO, Apple Bank

"Working with Aleksandr was an amazing experience. He was able to apply ITSM practices to a very complex and customized service catalog. His deep technical skills and ability to communicate effectively across the organization were the key drivers for long-term improvement processes that carried over to groups that had not been part of the critical IT Services ecosystems."

"Aleksandr is a person I turn to whenever I need any advice. Its always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional of great caliber, an excellent knowledge on IT service delivery! Highly recommend to all others. Thank you!"

"Aleksandr and I have worked together over many years spanning roles in Technology and Client facing Service Delivery. Working alongside Aleksandr at Salomon Smith Barney I have affirmation first hand his technical and inter-personal intelligence, commitment and sound common sense being applied to operational and project delivery tasks, strategic thinking and its application are makeup that have allowed Aleksandr to make an impact in many different areas and across all levels of an organization. I respect his judgment and trust his guidance and would be honored to work alongside him again shall the opportunity arise."

"It was truly my pleasure to have worked with Aleksandr on a day-to-day basis at PlusFunds. To speak toward his superior technical abilities doesn't do him justice. He is a technical perfectionist with an intense drive to meet delivery dates. This intensity is tempered by his endearing manner, inviting personality and genuine desire to help others. That unique mix of personality traits is something that I recommend you experience firsthand."

"Aleksandr is a hard working professional, who often goes above and beyond his formal duties to provide exceptional service to his clients."

Vitaliy Dubinskiy, CISSP,  Cybersecurity Executive & CISO

"Aleksandr and I entered into a mentoring relationship through the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI), with me as the mentee and Aleksandr as the mentor. He has been an extremely valuable resource to not only me, but my team as we attempt to make BRM a reality at Penn State. Over the past months, Aleksandr has been invaluable to me in providing resources and strategies for a variety of topics including: Financial Management, Business Strategy and so on. I thoroughly enjoy our mentoring relationship and appreciate the time and knowledge that Aleksandr puts into it."

"I met Aleksandr in 2011 through my blog. He was not only a prolific commenter, but his contributions were always insightful, often profound, and his writing skills were superb. It was clear that his passion was putting the humanity back into business relationships—a perspective that was largely lacking in the world of IT management, and sorely needed.

In early 2013, Aleksandr shared with me and Aaron Barnes his vision for an institute that would serve the needs of the emerging global Business Relationship Management community. This was one of the most exciting business conversations I had ever been part of and by the end of the call the three of us had reached a decision to join Aleksandr and bring his vision to reality.

Aleksandr's creativity, work ethic, technical skills and emotional intelligence are superb. He sometimes refers to me as his teacher, but the reality is that I have learned so much from him, and he has had a profound impact on my career and family life. My relationship with Aleksandr is one of the treasures that my work with BRMI has brought me! I am proud to recommend him and the skills and qualities he brings to the table!"

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